Yahoo Mail Brings Out New Features for Its Users

Yahoo Mail has added new features to help users manage their email inboxes as efficiently as possible. The two new features: Reminders and Unsubscribe, will bring more organization and less clutter, offering a more seamless mailing experience for users worldwide. Reminders Users can now set reminders within emails to prioritize what matters the most to […]

George Zhao, President of Honor at TEDx CaohejingParkSalon

George Zhao, President of Honor, talks “Fearless Technology, Infinite Innovations” with young entrepreneurs at TEDx CaohejingParkSalon

George Zhao, President of Honor, delivered his first TEDx talk at Caohejing Park, Shanghai today where he shared his vision for perfection and technological innovation. Zhao also revealed how Honor received global success by becoming the top smartphone e-brand in China for four consecutive years. At TEDx CaohejingParkSalon Zhao explained to a young audience of […]

Oath Ad Platform

Online ‘festive season’ sales hit record high in India: Oath study

Oath, a Verizon subsidiary, today announced its findings on online shopping trends during the festive season in India. The study uncovers surprising insights into the Indian consumer’s choices and behavior during the country’s main online shopping season, during which top e- commerce brands go to battle with massive discounts and innovative sales. Oath has several […]


Toreto Launches Thunder Pro and Explosive Pro Wireless Headphones in India

Toreto has launched two new wireless headsets, marking the beginning of the festive season. The newly launched products are a treat for all the music fanatics. Thunder Pro and Explosive Pro are stylish and easy to operate headsets that come with extra bass. These headphones eliminate the hassle of all the wires, by letting you connect your headsets via Bluetooth and […]