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Max Bupa launches a new age multi-functional ‘Health App’

Max Bupa, a leading specialist health insurer, has announced the launch of a new age Max Bupa Health Mobile Application that will serve as a one stop shop for everyday health and wellness needs of its customers. This application brings to life a highly differentiated and robust digitally enabled ecosystem that will enable customers of Max Bupa’s recently launched GoActive Health Insurance plan to manage their health onthego. Max Bupa has utilized the vast and varied experience of premier health and technology companies like GOQii, Practo and 1mg exclusively to design this mobile application, with the intent to empower GoActive customers to seamlessly manage their health anytime, anywhere with a single touch.

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Max Bupa Health application offers the GoActive customers a seamless experience of booking cashless OPD and diagnostic tests using Practo and 1mg’s network respectively. Customers can instantly book cashless doctor consultations with general physicians or specialists, enrolled under Practo’s network of doctors. The process is equally seamless in case of reimbursement. Customers just need to click a picture of the bill and upload it on the app along with the doctor’s prescription/ report,and raise an OPD claim instantly.

Customers’ fitness data and health score from Max Bupa Health Coach mobile app (designed for GoActive customers with Goqii) are integrated real-time within this app. They can also link their Google Fit/Apple Health accounts to track their fitness better.

Ashish Mehrotra, MD & CEO, Max Bupa said, “In keeping with our purpose of helping our customers lead healthier, more successful lives, this unique and differentiated mobile application will serve as a gateway to a host of health and wellness benefits like instantly booking doctor consultations and diagnostic tests at home along with annual health checks and behavioral counseling sessions, besides helping customers instantly raise an OPD claim on a cashless basis and monitor their health real time.

We foresee ‘App-ification’ of health insurance as the next game changer in the industry and believe that this comprehensive modern-day mobile application will act as a key enabler in our digital journey and help us build a long-term enduring relationship with our customers by allowing us to engage with them on an everyday basis. The OPD feature has been rolled out in close to 40 cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai. We intend to double this number by the end of the fiscal year. ”

Key Features of Max Bupa Health App

  • Cashless OPD – Customers can search and book doctor appointments on a cashless basis seamlessly
  • Claim Status – Customers can raise OPD and diagnostic claims instantly by uploading a copy of the bill, prescription/report and a copy of a cancelled cheque etc. They can also track their claim status real time and stay updated
  • Diagnostic Tests –Customers can avail our cashless booking services for diagnostic tests in seconds. The app also offers home sample collections for all pathology & diagnostic bookings, along with annual health checks
  • Health Coach – Customers’ fitness data and health score from Max Bupa Health Coach mobile app (designed for GoActive customers) are integrated real-time within this app. They can also link their Google Fit/Apple Health accounts to track their fitness better
  • Behavioural Assistance – Customers can get emotional support on problems by talking to their specialist/doctor through a call in conditions such as stress, depression, marital or parental issues
  • Home Health Care Services – A range of health care services are available for customers at the click of a button
  • Health Tips– Articles on fitness, nutrition, medicine and everything related to health are available through this app
  • Link Policy – Customers can link their existing/new policy through this app and manage their health insurance policy virtually
  • Online ordering of medicines – Very soon we will be launching a new feature for our customers to order medicines onlinethrough the app. Stay tuned !



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