Green Signal Yet To Come For PUBG Mobie India

Amid rising speculations over the launch of PUBG Mobile India in the Indian Gaming market, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has made it official that the Centre has not yet granted permission to relaunch PUBG Mobile in India.

Responding to a RTI Query filed on November 30, the Government said that it has not given any permission for launch of PUBG. It is to be noted that Government had banned PUBG along with hundreds of other Chinese apps since September.

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Earlier, Insidesport had reported that PUBG Corporation executives are chasing the officials of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology(MEITY) for more than a month for a meeting but they are yet to get an appointment from the government’s side. The delay in getting permission clearly states that PUBG Mobile India will not be released in Indian Market in near future.


PUBG Mobile Influencers like Kronten Gaming, Dynamo Gaming and many other Pro-Players, and Pro-Teams have got it’s back to entertain themselves and also the other people in the pandemic with the Korean Version of the game, streaming it, and participating in competitive scrims, therefore monetizing the game while it still remains banned in India.

With FAU-G all set to launch by the month-end according to the reports, the woes of PUBG Mobile and their prospects of once again entering the Indian market are all but slim now.

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