How To Use Instagram on the Web From Your Computer?

Instagram in today’s time is the most running application all over the globe. It is all about  photos and videos sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Post can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers.

Well, Instagram is primarily meant to be used from a mobile device like Android, iPhone via the official Instagram app. Meanwhile people are more connected to the PC, Laptops rather than mobile so in this article there will be quick information about using Instagram from your computer.

Instagram on desktop is very similar to what you find on your phone, but a bit of difference will be on computer access. Instagram website doesn’t allow you to upload any type of content from your  computer.  Rest all you can do everything you want like view content, gossips on the browse tabs, intresting IGTV’s etc.

How To Use Instagram on the Web From Your Computer?

To use from web, first you need to go to the Instragram website i.e, Alternatively, you can use the Android emulator program called Bluestacks.

Once you access Instagram via the Web by visiting , it will immediately open a page to log into or sign up. Then at the time you are logged into Instagram , you will realize that the  layout is very similar to the mobile app.  Instagram’s  desktop screen has two-column layout with a toolbar at the top.

To browse whats cooking on Instagram , you can scroll your feed in the main column on to the left. Click the explore button to see whats trending all over the globe. Scroll through your feed to view post from people you follow . You can also search for individual users or tags by typing into the “Search” text box at the top of the explore page. Also we will find the story section on the right to the people we follow and it automatically plays the next story or you can switch to the next one by clicking on the right side of a story. And the same option to be done right when you want to see the stories of the people you don’t follow just go the explore section and do the same in the search feed.

Instagram also  have the option of Live videos- just click the Live tag next to the story to watch. In the desktop screen it is actually amaze option to watch because live appears on a large screen and  comments appear on the right side of the video than like the mobile option where we get to see on the bottom half of it .

Also not to forget to mention about the Instagram direct message option right in your browser  click the Direct Message button, which is the fun element as per the trend where we can personally share photos, videos, IGTV’s and what not interesting. We can even create groups , send stickers, and share photos from your computer.  The only option which will not be available on the computer is we can’t delete message once it is send to the other person.

Lastly, the option which is not available on the web Instagram is we can’t post pictures ,videos, stories, IGTV’s on our Instagram profile when we are operating through computer.  Hope Instagram comes up with this option on desktop screen too till then you can use it from your mobile website instead of a computer.

This is all about operating from your computer and it is kind of convenient to use.

Post Author: Pooja Lohiya