OnePlus 6 Tips & Tricks

OnePlus has launched the new OnePlus 6 in India price starting at Rs 34999. The device comes with 6GB RAM and 64 GB as its internal storage. It has 6.28-inch AMOLED Display with a notch on the screen. If you have purchased a device then here are few Tips & Tricks of the same that help you in exploring your device with ease.

SIM Card Insertion

SIM card insertion is the very first thing that any user does when they purchase a new device. One Plus 6 had the SIM card option on the left edge, to insert the SIM card on your device, Push the SIM ejector PIN and remove the tray, place the SIM card carefully and push it back. You have inserted SIM card on your device. The device supports DUAL Nano SIM card on it.

Network Queries

Tethering Mode
To enable the data sharing, open the settings and tap on More in Wireless & Networks. In the new window, tap on tethering & portable hotspot and toggle the button adjacent to portable Wi0Fi hotspot to enable that on your device.

Change Connectivity Options
To change the connectivity, Open the Settings and tap on SIM & network settings. Further, click on Preferred network type and select the type on network on your device.

Hidden Options on OnePlus 6

Change Wallpaper
To change the wallpaper, press and hold the empty screen. Now click on Wallpapers and select the image that you want to use and click on back button. Your new wallpaper is successfully applied on your device.

OnePlus 6 comes with Android 8.1 based Oxygen OS 5.1.1. To change the theme on your OnePlus 6, open the settings and tap on Display in device section. Now click on Theme in System section and select the Type of Theme that you want to use. There are two options in the theme section Light, Dark and Defaut. Click on the Radio button adjacent to it and the theme is successfully applied on your device.


Notch Display

How To enable and Disable Notch on OnePlus 6?

Unlike the iPhone X,OnePlus 6 comes with a Notch on the top on the screen. To disable the notch on your device, open the settings and tap on Display. In the new window tap on Notch Display, you will find two options, Show the Notch Area and Hide the Notch Area. Click on Hide the Notch Area to disable Notch on your device. Once the Notch is disabled, you can find the screen region just below the camera.
Note: All Apps on the device doesn’t support the Notch

Does OnePlus 6 support LED notification?
OnePlus 6 does support LED notification lights, to use this option on your device, open the settings and tap on display. In the new window, tap on LED notification, you will find few options, Default Notification, Battery Full, Battery Charging, Battery Low, per App notification. Now click on any of the option and change the color of the LED notification.

Alert Slider
OnePlus 6 comes with Alert Slider button just above the power button on the right edge of the screen. Moving the Button towards top will completely activate the device to silent mode. When the Slider is on the Middle its the Vibration Mode. Moving the slider to bottom will change the Profile to ringer mode. These options can be customized in the settings menu.

What are the Gestures options available on OnePlus 6?
Gestures help you to use your device with much easy and automates your task. The device comes with multiple gestures options

Fingerprint Gesture:
Long press the fingerprint sensor to capture the photo.

Flip To Mute:
This option helps you to mute the screen just by flipping your phone.

Three Finger to capture Screenshot: 

Using this feature you can capture the screenshot just by swiping three fingers from top to bottom of the screen.

Double tap to Wake: 

This option helps you wake the screen just by double tapping the screen and vice-versa.

Music Control : Draw two lines using two finger to increse the volume up and down. Draw < and > to change the track.
You can also find mutiple options like Darw O, C, S,M, W where you need to assign the task to individual option and it will be activated.

To Add the fingerprint on the device, open the settings and tap on Security and Lock Screen. In the new window, tap on Add fingerprint to add the fingerprint on your device. Firstly you need to set the pattern or pin and then you need to click on Add fingerprint and then place your finger on the sensor and remove it periodically when it vibrates. You have successfully added fingerprint on your device.

Face Unlock

OnePlus comes with the Face Unlock option where you can unlock your device in less than 0.4s just by showing your face in front of screen. To set this you need to add the pattern or pin your device and then you need to tap on faceunlock. Now tap on Add Face Data and click on Next and hold your phone 20-30cm from your face until it completes the scan. Now click on Confirm and Face Unlock option is enabled on your device. There is an additional option Face Unlock Assitive lighting where the device will light up the screen and helps the camera to recognise you. To use this option, you need to toggle the button adjacent to face unlock assistive lighting.

How to enable App locker on your device?
The device comes with App lock option where you can lock the apps with a secure password. To use this on your device, open the settings and tap on Securty & Lock Screen. In the new window, tap on App Locker and set the password for your device. Further click on the Add Apps option and select the App that you want to secure.

Screen Pinning
The device comes with Screen Pinning option where you can pin any application on home screen. To use this option, open the settings and tap in security & lock screen. In the new window, click on Screen pinning and enable the option adjacent to off button. To use this, tap on overview button and select the app that you want to pin, swipe up and click on the pin button which is on the bottom right of the screen. The app is successfully pinned on the home screen. To unpin the app you need to press and hold the back and overview button together and enter the lock screen password. The Application is successfully unpinned from home screen.

OTG Support

OTG options helps you to transfer the data from device to drive and vice-versa using the On the Go connectivity. To use this option on your decvice, open the settings and click on Advanced option in the settings. In the new window, click on OTG storage and the option is enabled on your device. The option will be automatically turned off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

What is Pocket Mode and how to use it on OnePlus 6?
Pocket Mode option helps you to prevent accidental screen touches or fingerprint operations when your phone is in pocket. To use this option. Open the settings and tap on advanced. In the new window, click on Pocket Mode to enable that on your device.

What is Gaming Mode on OnePlus and how to use it?
Gaming Mode helps your to answer calls via speaker, block additional notifications, adjust brightness, network boost by blocking the other app usage. These options must be manually enabled on your device from the settings column.

Setting–>Advanced→ Gaming Mode.

System Upates

System Updates helps in fixing the bugs on your device and helps in automating it. To check for updates on your device, open the settings and click on System Updates. Further click on check for updates. The device checks for updates and displays on screen. The device comes with 66MB update out of the box and helps in fixing generel bugs and stability improvement. Now you need to click on download and install. Once the update is installed click on Reboot option and the device will be updated automatically.

Is the Notification Panel Customizable?
Yes the notification panel on the device is customizable. To customize the apps on your device, open the notification panel and click on edit option which is adjacent to setting icon. Now you need to drags the options among themselves or drag the new option to add that in the new tile. Once the panel is customized click on back button and settings will be automatically saved on your device.

Quick Pay:

Long Press the fingerprint sensor to launch quick pay when the phone is locked. This option directly loads the selected application i.e., Paytm or Freecharge which you have set as default.

Camera Options on OnePlus 6

The camera on the device comes with three options Video Photo and Portrait. In Photo Mode, you can capture the device in 19:9, 4:3 and 1:1 Aspect ratio and can be adjusted on the top. The other options is HDR, Flash and Timer. The beauty Plus option is available for both front and rear camera. The Video mode records the video in 720p, 1080p,  1080p @60FPS, 4K & 4K @60 FPS. The other camera options are Slow Motion : 1080p @240FPS 720P @240FPS, Time Lapse: 1080p 720p and Panorama which can be explored by swiping from bottom to top after opening the camera.

Battery Options on OnePlus 6

Power Saving Modes & Uses
Battery saving option. To use this on your device, open the settings and tap on battery. In the new window, click on battery saver and toggle the button adjacent to it to enable that on your device. This helps in enhancing the battery performance during low battery conditions.

Enable Battery percentage option
The battery % option is enabled by default on OnePlus 6.

Miscellaneous on OnePlus 6

Charging Cable Option

The device comes with Dash Charging option i.e., 5V ~ 4A where you can charger you device in less than an hours from 0-100%. The had the USB Type C support.

Developer Mode

To enable the developer mode on your device, open the settings and tap on about phone. Further, click on Build Number for about 7-8 times to enable that on your device.

Does the device support Jio 4G Connectivity?

Yes the device does support the Jio 4G Connectivity on it.

Does the device support VoLTE?

Yes the device support VoLTE on it.

Is your smartphone Water Resistant?

The device is not completely water resistant but can resist it for some extent.

How to Clear RAM on OnePlus 6?

Clearing the RAM on any device is a simple process. To clear the RAM on your OnePlus 6, open the overview window and clear all the applications running in the background. Killing all the applications in background will help you to clear the RAM on OnePlus 6.

Reset your OnePlus 6

To Reset your OnePlus 6, open the settings and tap on Backup & Reset. In the new window, tap on factory Data Reset. Further click on the Reset Phone Button which is at the bottom of the screen. If you have set any password on your device, then you need to enter the password to proceed further. Now you need to click on Erase Everything option to clear the Data on your device. The device restarts and wipes the data from your smartphone. Once the data is cleared it reboots and makes the device fresh for use.

How much Storage is available when you boot the device?

The device is available in two variants of Storage and RAM. In the 64 GB variant around 57 GB of space is available to the end user, while the remaining space is occupied by the pre-installed apps and operating system.

Type of the SIM supported on OnePlus 6?

OnePlus 6 comes with Dual SIM card support and the SIM card supported by the device is Nano SIM card.

Hidden Codes of OnePlus 6

IMEI Info: *#06#
SAR Information: *#07*


These are the general Tips, Tricks, FAQs, Hidden options about OnePlus 6. If you still have any queries about the device, then you can comment down below or tweet us @1howtothing.

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