How to reset E-office password?

E-office website is an web application for all government offices to run files digitally. To login into the site, it requires government e-mail ID and password which will be provided by the NIC (National Informatics Center). You can follow the simple steps on “how to login into e-office website”. On E-Office website there won’t be any link to reset password, the government email id and password provided will be the login credentials.


Steps to change government e-mail id password

If the provided government e-mail id was not logged in for three months continuously, the password that has been received from NIC will get expires and won’t be able to login E-office website. So, follow the below steps to change your password.

Login screen
@GOV.IN website Homescreen
  • Click on the “Forgot ID , Password?” link provided below the login fields (which can be seen in the above image)
  • A page will be opened in another tab as below


  • Click on the link provided in the page as “PASSAPP”, which will land you into the password reset page
  • You will be prompt to enter your NIC mail (which is govt. e-mail) and the captcha image details and submit
Note: Old version of internet explorer may not show the captcha image (Use Chrome or Firefox in that case)
  • After submitting, you’ll receive a six digit random number via sms to your registered mobile number which will be valid for 24 hours
  • Enter the random number received and the captcha details and submit

  • If you didn’t receive the random number, there’ll be chance of your mobile number has been entered wrongly at the time of e-mail registration or if you lost your old mobile number, please contact your Nodal officer and get it changed
  • After successfully submitting the random number and captcha, you need to enter your new password twice to confirm and submit (please follow the password policy while entering the new password)
  • After successfully changing password you’ll again get an sms confirming the change of password with your associated e-mail address

Please do comment below if have any queries, cheers!

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