How to get started with online betting_

How to get started with online betting?

How to get started with online betting? If we talk about the online betting industry, it’s growing at a much faster pace. Every day, thousands of people are actively getting involved in this industry and are making massive amount of money from the same. Therefore, if you are interested too in online betting, you can […]

Bharti Airtel

How to Activate Airtel eSIM on Your Smartphone

Airtel is by far the most trending networks among all and it is the first telecom operators from India to introduce eSIM  technology. Airtel is the world’s second largest mobile network and its supports eSIM activation. eSIM is a digital SIM card and is a form of  programmable SIM, which is directly embedded into the […]

How To Register Your Drone in India

How To Register Your Drone in India

Civil Aviation Ministry (India) recently announced that you need to register on a portal called Digital Sky if you want to use your drone in India legally. “Drones” comes under the category of “Remotely Piloted or Unmanned Aircraft” and it’s good to see regulations related to this in India officially. Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), popularly […]

Aircel Logo

Aircel UPC Code Or PORT ID ISSUE: Get Your UPC Code

Aircel is Shutting down its service and most of them are facing network issues. There isn’t any concrete news about aircel shutting down its service but if you using aircel and facing the issues then you can follow the steps mentioned below and get your Mobile Number Port to any other network. If you still […]

E-Officce login page

How to reset E-office password?

E-office website is an web application for all government offices to run files digitally. To login into the site, it requires government e-mail ID and password which will be provided by the NIC (National Informatics Center). You can follow the simple steps on “how to login into e-office website”. On E-Office website there won’t be […]