How to Fix Invalid IMEI or No Network connection issues on any Smartphone

People these days have become more active on their smartphones that they usually end up doing any mischievous activity on their mobile and thus end with any of the following trouble on their device.

  • Stuck
  • Hang
  • Switch Off
  • Virus issues
  • Slow Down the performance

Once they go throw this issues many users try fix this issue just by resetting their device and which deleted the content on your smartphone and makes the device fresh for use again. Sometimes resetting your devices leads to a new issue which occurs almost 10 among the 1000 smartphone users i.e, invalid IMEI or no Network issue. In this issue the network on your smartphone is lost due to the invalidation of the IMEI where the IMEI number on the device is changed or gets deleted during the reset process.

No network on your device is due to the loss of IMEI number on your handset as the device doesn’t show the operator network though it detects the SIM card on your device. So to fix this issue you need to follow the steps mentioned below which will help you to retrieve the network on your smartphone.

Step 1: Restart you device once your are done with Factory reset.
Step 2: Now you need to open the PlayStore and install the MTK Engineering Mode Application.

[appbox googleplay com.themonsterit.EngineerStarter]

Step 3:Once the application is installed, open the application from your home screen.

Step 4:You will find two options on the screen i.e., Android Settings and MTK Settings. Now tap on the MTK Settings button to proceed further.

Step 5:Now head over to the connectivity section and tap on CDS Information.

Step 6: In the new window, you need to tap on Radio Information, where you will find two Phone Options if it is a dual SIM smartphone or you will find a single option on the screen. Now click on the Phone 1 option and enter the following code.

CODE: AT +EGMR=1,7,”IMEI Number”

Step 7: Once the IMEI Number is entered click on Send AT Command. The AT command is sent is displayed on the screen in the form of pop-up.
Step 8: Now restart the device while being in the same window. The IMEI code is changed after the reboot and new IMEI number is displayed which further fixes the No Network issue of the smartphone.

Fix IMEI or No Network


  • Leave a Space between “AT +”EMGR” 1,7,”IMEI”.
  • You need to enter the IMEI Number in the inverted Comas.
  • Use *#06# code check the IMEI NUmber of your smartphone.
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