Wi-FM may be the new solution for slow Wi-Fi.

Researchers at Northwestern University have been working on using Radio Digital Signals (RDS) to improve wi-fi connections where you experience a better speed on your network connectivity.  In this method, data is sent at the best time by potentially making signals much faster even in busy locations like huge traffic on a single Wi-Fi Network. […]

Samsung pays $548 over patent dispute with Apple

Samsung has agreed to settle with Apple to the tune of $548 million. The companies have been locked in a patent battle, which has resulted in Samsung making arrangements with Apple to settle the case and pay up damages. It was alleged that Samsung had infringed on numerous Apple-owned patents that covered the iPhone. Interestingly, earlier […]

Google’s voice search gets better at fielding complex questions

Google’s voice search is getting a big upgrade today, with the company announcing that it can now answer more complex natural language questions. The update comes in the form of a few different improvements, including the ability to understand superlatives, better handling of questions about particular points in time, and some complex combinations. First up, Google will […]