How to Activate Airtel eSIM on Your Smartphone

Airtel is by far the most trending networks among all and it is the first telecom operators from India to introduce eSIM  technology. Airtel is the world’s second largest mobile network and its supports eSIM activation. eSIM is a digital SIM card and is a form of  programmable SIM, which is directly embedded into the smartphone. This technology is replacing the process with a new phone, where there is no requirement of physical SIM card.

Apple has introduced eSIM in iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max as dual SIM feature, while Google has now expanded eSIM to Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. While Google Pixel 2a was the first smartphone to support eSIM and even though the eSIM technology was first introduced in the Indian market with the Apple Watch.

How to Enable Airtel E-SIM on your Smartphone

As was announced at the iPhone launch event in September, the dual SIM function on the new models will use eSIM technology to create a secondary profile for calls, SMS and cellular data. The best usages of eSIM is that while switching operators users need not physically replace  the SIM card , instead they can remotely re-program this eSIM and choose the network.

Now, here is the procedure for How to Activate Airtel eSIM on Your Smartphone.

  1. To start with, first check if your phone is updated with latest software version. (iPhone/Pixel)
  2. Send an SMS to 121 by typing eSIM <registered email id > for converting your SIM to eSIM .
  3. Then  to confirm the eSIM request, you have to reply with the 1 to the SMS sent by the Airtel.
  4. When the eSIM request is successful meanwhile an email with a QR code will be sent to the registered email id.
  5. On the iPhone, go to settings> Cellular> Add Cellular Plan> Use your iPhone to scan the QR code that your carrier provided.
  6. On the Android users, go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile network> Advanced> Carrier> Add carrier and scan the QR code.
  7. The QR code sent through email is useful only for a single scan.
  8. Your eSIM will be activate within few hours and once activated the eSIM will be your secondary SIM.

This is the general procedure to active Airtel e-SIM on your smartphone. If you still have any queries while activating the e-SIM you can shoot your questions in the comment section below.

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